Right of withdrawal

Cancellation of purchase and return

If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal or exchange an item, please enclose a Standard Withdrawal Form with the item.

If you received a return package label in your package, you can use it when returning the package.
If a return package label is not attached, we will be happy to send one to you so that your shipping costs do not become higher than necessary.
If you have shopped for an amount below the limit that gives you free shipping, the cost of the return shipping will be the same as what you paid at the time of purchase.
If you shopped for a larger amount that resulted in free shipping, the return shipping will be the lowest possible we can offer.
Alternatively, you can simply hand in the package yourself and pay for the shipping.

We will refund the full amount of your purchase (excl. return shipping if you use our return package label) according to the cancellation terms.
The amount is deposited on the payment card you used when you made your purchase.
If you purchased by bank transfer, please state your account number. in remarks so that we can transfer the amount to you.

Download the form here: Standard Withdrawal Form